Monday, October 8, 2012

Down Under Doll Quilt Swap Round 3

I've just taken part in the third round of the DUDQS. To explain the concept of this to anyone who doesn't either quilt or blog is a bit of a challenge. "Well it's this weird kind of cyber-photo-sharing-friendship-quilting group. Get it?"

A few friends and family members have looked at me rather quizzically. Why would you ponder for hours, days and weeks over what to make for a person you don't know, have never met nor are likely to meet and whose tastes you can only guess about?

But it's been fun and although I wouldn't actually recognise the other participants if I fell over them, I've enjoyed meeting and getting to know other fabric fanatics online. I have to admit, one not-so-fun aspect has been being a little anxious about whether my creation is worthy enough for its recipient. I've been enjoying all the photos being shown on Flickr and am constantly amazed at how creative and clever people are. So many stunning quilts. But one can also feel a little daunted by the prospect of making something that won't quite be up to scratch. So it was with boldness that I wrapped up my quilt, popping a couple of extra goodies inside, and posted the parcel off to NSW this morning.

Looking at my partner's Flickr mosaic, I was inspired by the beautiful warm yellows and soft greys. Yellow's not my usual colour, so it was good to branch out and play with something different. I was also inspired by the contemporary take on dresden-plate-like  patterns that she had featured. So off I went. Here's a link to the fabrics I started out with.

Take 1 : far too traditional, was scrapped.

Take 2: I liked the idea of using the dark grey to create a kind of window frame
The finished quilt, yellow grey binding being picked up by the new leaves on the Golden Robinia tree in my garden.


  1. Your little quilt is fabulous Deb, I love what you ended up with and that last photo is gorgeous! Your partner will love it xo

  2. Deb, the finished quilt looks stunning... I would be very happy to find that the postie had delivered it to my house! Welcome back too.

  3. A beautiful quilt Deb!!
    I am sure the recipient will love it!